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Lego Marvel Iron Man Helmet Revealed

Lego Iron Man Helmet Revealed

Lego announced a new collectible 76165 Iron Man Helmet aimed at adults and collectors. They announced this set as part of their Lego Marvel Super Heroes Summer 2020 sets. This set follows suit of the previous Star Wars Helmets Collection, Boba Fett™ Helmet, Stormtrooper™ Helmet, and TIE Fighter Pilot™ Helmet that were released earlier this year. And no surprise that Lego would start releasing additional sets in the helmet series.

Lego chose the Marvel universe as the next entry into its helmet collection series. And I think it was a smart choice to start with Iron Man since he is such an iconic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m looking forward to seeing who they choose next in these helmet series.

When and Where

This set will be available June 1, at major Lego retailers as well as Lego stores and online shop. Lego is aiming this set at collectors or adult fans with its 18+ age recommendation on the packaging. There isn’t any real playability since this set intent is as a display piece. This new set is 480 pieces and will cost $59.99.

Lego Iron Man Helmet Collection Packaging

Final Thoughts

There are only limited photos of this set currently available, so it’s probably not entirely fair to give a pre-review. My initial thoughts are I’m not totally in love with the design. I feel like the overall shape of his head is too boxy, especially the jawline. Maybe I’ve gotten too accustomed to how sleek the helmet looks in the movies. But I want to see a more angular jawline. I’m also not liking the shape of the mouth plate, which is related to the jawline shape. I think this would be corrected if the jawline was overall more angular. Maybe this is jus the MK 1 and there are more to come?

Lego Iron Man Helmet Collection Comparison

I also feel the costs on these sets are at a premium. It feels like Lego might be taking a little advantage of the fact fans are loyal. And sometimes to a fault when it comes to making collector purchases like this. I wouldn’t mind seeing the prices come down ten dollars. I don’t think these sets offer enough detail to command that premium price tier.

Ultimately I don’t want to pass judgment to earlier because I want and need to see the complete shape of the helmet from front to back. What do you think of the new Lego Iron Man helmet? Will you be adding this set to your collection? What other characters are you hoping will add to this display line?

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