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Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel Set 75294 Preview

Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel 75294

The new Lego Star Wars Bespin set was revealed and appeared online. As of this writing, only the instructions for the new set have shown up on Lego’s website. Originally this set was supposed to be released as an exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con. The event was canceled, which left Lego an opening to release this set through its traditional retail channels. This outcome is excellent news because it’s a great looking set that I’m sure collectors everywhere will like the opportunity to own.

Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel 75294 Assembled Set

No price is official yet, but the Canadian website that revealed the set shows the cost is $49.99. There is also no release date for the set itself.

As an odd side note, the first images show the set as an 18+ set. Which is strange since the movie that they based it on is PG, and the set itself is only 295 pieces. It’s a set aimed at collectors, but fans who are also kids would enjoy this set. I just hope they don’t require ID for you to purchase.

About the Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel set

This new set recreates the epic confrontation between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back. The packaging follows the look of Lego’s Architecture series. I’m guessing since they aimed this set at collectors, they wanted something a little higher-end looking than their standard kid’s packaging design.

Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel 75294 Packaging

The set itself looks excellent for it’s lower piece count and overall size. It creates a nice slice of the movie scene, and the design encourages the model to display at home or an office. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with the set. It is Lego, after all. The model also includes a 40th anniversary nameplate, which continues to push it as more of a display piece than a toy. The set also consists of a Luke and Darth Vader Minifigure complete with red and blue lightsabers.

What do you think?

What do you think of this newly revealed Lego Star Wars Bespin Duel set? Did you like it accurately represents the scene from the movie? Please leave us a comment below to discuss more this new set, other Lego sets, or Star Wars. You can also find me lurking about on Instagram, and please drop me a follow or like there too.

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