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Marvel Retro Collection Kingpin figure available for pre-order

Marvel Retro Collection Kingpin Action Figure

If you like classic Marvel, then you are in for a treat. Marvel Retro Collection Kingpin Exclusive Figure is now up for pre-order. This version of Kingpin brings back the classic white suit version of Kingpin from the 90’s cartoon and his retro comic book appearances. If someone were to ask me to describe Kingpin, this is the look that I think most represents his character.

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Kingpin Action Figure

This Marvel villain was always one of those bad guys that seemed a little scarier than the rest. I think it’s because, when I was as a kid, he didn’t seem to have any superpowers, yet he was powerful. There was always a mystery to how or why he was in charge. But you also really didn’t question it because well, Kingpin.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of this action figure in a larger size. Kingpin stature should be formidable. And I think the overall size of this action figure is a little underwhelming. But, it’s part of Marvel’s vintage series and this is the scale these figures. I’m just saying I would crack the wallet open and splurge on a large scale version of this figure.

This figure is a 6-inch figure and has multiple points of articulation. You can pose it in several ways, or add it to your existing Spider-Man playsets to create new stories. The figure also includes a second angry head that looks beaten-up. Very comic bookish. I think this is a quality toy for small and big kids alike.

Marvel Legends Retro Collection Kingpin Figure Packaging

And let’s not miss the opportunity to talk about the packaging design Marvel and Hasbro are using for this figure. The packaging itself is nothing special, but I do like the artwork they put together for this action figure. It screams 90’s comic book, which is fitting considering this is part of their Retro Collection. If you are a toy collector, then this package design plus figure will make a great display combo.

This new figure is available to pre-order now with an estimated ship date in November.

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What do you think of this new rendition of Retro Collection Kingpin? Are you going to grab one? This version is unique and may not come around again for a while.

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