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New Star Wars Hasbro Heroes of Endor Set Preview

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Heroes of Endor

There has been a lot of toy news lately, and this announcement might have missed your radar. Hasbro announced their Heroes of Endor boxed set from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. So you don’t have to track down each figure separately. Each character is wearing their clothing from Endor. The set is part of Hasbro’s Black Series and will include 6″ figures of Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han, an Ewok, and an Endor speeder bike.

The set comes packaged in a unique Endor theme designed box that sets it apart and honestly makes the collection even more appealing. The new set retails for $109.99 and expected to release in the fall. No pre-orders are currently available. It will be exclusive to Hasbro Pulse, so get ready when the time comes to purchase them because they will sell out quickly.

Few details have been made available and even fewer photos, so it’s hard to determine how good these figures will look and pose. But judging by the first photos, I can’t wait to get my hands on these. I think they look great in the few images that Hasbro released. Some of that could be the nostalgia I have towards this film and the original Star Wars Trilogy.

What I like

I think that the speeder bike looks especially great. I love the coloring Hasbro chose to give it that Endor look and feel. Luke’s speeder bike helmet is removable, and he is wearing his camouflage poncho. My hope is Leia and Han both have their ponchos as well that you can remove. At this time, that feature is unknown. Even without knowing that I like everything I see here. I think the detailing looks great. Each figure is fully articulated, as is every other Black Series action figure. The whole set makes me want to sit down and watch the movie all over again. And If I were to judge a toy set on any other merit than this. I’d say this set is a win.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Heroes of Endor Figures

I think the price for this set is reasonable even though it does chunk your wallet up front since it is a grouped set. Typically a Black Series figure will cost you, on average, $19.99. With this set, you get five action figures and the bike for $109.99, which is around $18.30 per unit. Not bad, considering you get a complete set with a single purchase. Now you need to grab a couple of the Star Wars Black Series Archive Biker Scout to complete the scene.


What do you think of this newly announced Black Series Heroes of Endor boxed set? Did you like The Return of the Jedi movie? How do you think this set compares to the scenes from the movie? Please leave us some comments below to talk about this figure, others, or Star Wars. You can also find me lurking about on Instagram, and please drop me a follow or like there too.

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