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New Star Wars Rebels Black Series announced by Hasbro

Hasbro Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Hasbro’s new Black Series line will make you happy if you are a fan of the popular animated Star Wars Rebels series. Hasbro announced all six characters from the Ghost crew would be joining the Hasbro Black Series line of toys. These figures are available for pre-order starting May 28. They will ship on Oct. 1 and have a limit of 2 per customer.

Star Wars Rebels Animated Series

I will admit I didn’t get the chance to watch the animated series until I signed up for Disney+. I became quickly hooked once I did. Younger kids are the show’s targeted audience, but it’s smartly written and finds ways to engage big kids with every episode.

Star Wars Rebels animation style featured a similar style to The Clone Wars series that preceded. It isn’t an exact match, but you can see and feel the similarities.

Seeing these characters come to life as detailed sculpted action figures is fantastic, in my opinion. Hasbro has done a great job of taking the unique animation style and translating that into a more life-like representation. I think the Hera Syndulla character is the most representative of this. I never really cared for her look in the series. She kind of always had a Gumby shape and look to her body. But, this new figure makes her look serious and formidable. I love her look here.

The gang’s all here.

Hasbro has included the entire crew with this release. It would be great if they could add a few more characters from the series as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing Maul, the first Inquisitor, Thrawn and maybe even a Hondo.

Hera Syndulla Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Hera Syndulla

As I already mentioned, I think the Hera Syndulla is my favorite of this collection. They did an excellent job taking a character I was luke-warm with and made her look great. The detail in her outfit looks outstanding. I like the flight suit straps and colors. Her entire color palette works well together to create that classic Star Wars look.

Garazeb Orrelios Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Garazeb “Aeb” Orrelios

What’s not to like here? We finally get a Zeb Black Series figure. And I think he looks great. They did an outstanding job of bringing this figure to life. It’s worth mentioning that this figure is the highest price figure of the group at $29.99. But he is also considered a Deluxe figure. He’s fully articulated and includes his bo-rifle from the show. You can pose him in several configurations with or without his bo-rifle.

Kanan Jarrus Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Kanan Jarrus

The Kanan Jarrus figure looks exactly as you would expect. He comes with a sidearm and lightsaber. And he looks great with both. I think this might have been the most straightforward character to translate into an action figure. There isn’t much going on with this character, but he is a Jedi. And they typically have a somewhat subdued look. So in that regard, Hasbro nailed it!

Chopper Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Chopper (C1-10P)

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars tale if it didn’t include a Droid. Chopper’s character took me a little bit to get used to. But after a few episodes in, I felt the writers succeeded in creating another Droid with its unique personality. I’d definitely want a chopper aboard my ship. Hasbro did an excellent job getting the colors and details right on this action figure. They add a jet boost trail that you can use to pose or display the figure. Chopper’s arms can fold into his headpiece or left out. Droids are figures that you could easily cut corners with, not include much in articulation. But Hasbro has added in a lot of little details with accessories and articulation to give this figure a lot more life-like appeal.

Sabine Wren Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Sabine Wren

Considering how colorful Sabine Wren is on the show, I feel like a little bit of that is lost in translation with this figure. She does have her trademark dyed hair, and her breastplate has a bit of flair. But in this version, the pallet is more subdued. That said, she doe fit within the color palette of the entire series. And the color palette used here fits in more with the classic Star Wars palette. Overall I like this figure but place it a little lower than some of the others in this series.

Ezra Bridger Star Wars Rebels Black Series

Ezra Bridger

Hasbro decided to go with the early episode version of Ezra Bridger for this rendition.This decision makes sense, and they did an excellent job capturing his look. I like that they included his Imperial Academy cadet helmet. The only thing that’s a little jarring is his face. They went with the younger version of Ezra, but his face looks much older than that of the series. It could just be me.

Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Rebels Black Series Action Figure

Ahsoka Tano

The new Ahsoko Tano sold out almost as soon as they released it. This character has a rabid fan base, so it makes sense she would sell out so quickly. The thing is, she is my least favorite of this collection. How dare you sir! I love her character in both The Clone Wars and Rebels. She is downright amazing in Rebels! I don’t think this figure lives up to that awesomeness. Her poses look a little stiff and robotic. I’m not a fan of her face on this figure, either. I think she looks beautiful in the series, but that’s lost on this figure. Compare that to the Hera action figure, where I felt they made her look better than she does on the series. An Ahsoka has big shoes to fill and I feel they left a lot to be desired for in this version.

Well, that wraps up this Hasbro Black Series Star Wars Rebels collection. What do you think about this new line up? DO you agree with our assessment? Let’s take the conversation further in the comments below. We’d love to hear your opinions.

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