Pokemon Battle Feature Figure Blastoise


Blastoise is a fan-favorite among Pokemon collectors and enthusiasts. Blastoise is a large turtle-like creature. You will find two large hydro cannons on this Pokemon’s back and are capable of firing water blasts powerful enough to pierce steel. Press down on Blastoise’s tail and it will open its mouth and shoot the two cannons water missiles.

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Add the Pokemon Battle Feature Figure 4.5-inch action figure to your collection. Pokemon Battle Feature Action Figures are 4.5-inch in height and have a dynamic feature mechanism for battling.

Wicked Cool Toys feature authentic details, articulation, and playability for fans of Pokemon games.

Action figures are at the top when it comes to encouraging creative play. Children can create their own stories through role-playing and imaginative play with action figure toys. Action figures have personalities that kids can add to, change, and connect with to develop their adventures.

We love action figure toys because they boost imaginative play. They help with fine motor skills, language and emotional development, and problem-solving.

Collectible action figures are a unique, collectible character. They have personalities and accessories that are sure to capture the imagination of any child, young or old.

For more than 15 years, kids all over the world have discovered the world of Pokémon. The are currently more than 700 creatures that exist in the Pokémon universe of all shapes and sizes.

  • Features a premium design, detail and articulation for battle action
  • Includes the 4.5 figure
  • Ages 4+

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Dimensions5.5 × 2.75 × 8 in


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