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Star Wars Black Series Wampa Action Figure Revealed

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Wampa

Hasbro announced coming later this fall is the Black Series Wampa action figure from the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The figure will be 6″ tall and packaged in the classic Kenner packaging. The action figure will be available starting in September in the US and Canada.

Hasbro Black Series Hoth Wampa Classic Kenner Packaging

When you can get it

This figure is part of the Hasbro Black Series, which means the toy will have more details, decoration, and articulation than a standard action figure. You can add this figure to your collection for $29.99. You will need to find Luke and a TaunTaun separately to complete the entire classic scene.

What do I think of it?

Overall from what I’ve seen, I think this is the best looking Wampa figure yet. This version Hasbro removed the blood from his mouth, which I always thought looked a little odd for a toy. But it was added in the special editions.

I like everything else about this figure. The fur looks good and I think the paws on this version look great. I really want to see this figure with the other characters shown on the packaging, but unfortunately are sold separately.

The only nitpick I have with this edition is the eyes. They look a little cut out of the fur. It almost looks like the Wampa is wearing a Wampa mask. I don’t have a suggestion on how to make it look better. Maybe have the fur cover the eyehole area a little more?

Closing Thoughts

What do you think of this newly announced Black Series Wampa action figure? Did you have the original Wampa toy from 1982? How do you think this version compares to previous? Please leave us some comments below to talk about this figure, others, or Star Wars. You can also find me lurking about on Instagram, drop me a follow or like there too.

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