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The best Darth Vader action figures of 2020

The best Darth Vader Action Figures

Here is our list of the top five Darth Vader figures. If you are looking for a Darth Vader to add to your toy collection for play or display, you can’t go wrong with any of these figures on our list. The figures that made our list fit in a wide range of prices that can fit most budgets. Let’s get started. These are in no particular order. These are the best we’ve found and include we have on our shelves.

1. Sideshow Collectibles Darth Vader 6th Scale $235

Sideshow Collectible 6th Scale Darth Vader

The figure with the highest price on our list is the Sideshow Collectibles 6th scale Darth Vader. At $235, it’s definitely for fans who are looking for a serious display piece. It’s also the most detailed. This version of Darth Vader is sixth-scale, which means it’s about 13.75″ tall. The attention to detail on this figure is crazy real. The fully articulated body has a fabric bodysuit, quilted vest, pants, undershirt, inner robe, and cape. The lightsaber comes with and without the blade so you can pose him in different combinations. It also includes eight sculpted interchangeable hands so you can recreate just about every pose from the movies.

2. Disney 14.5″ Darth Vader Talking Action Figure $32.99

Disney Talking Darth Vader Action Figure

Next up on our list is the the Disney Talking Darth Vader action figure. Don’t let the lower cost on this figure fool you into thinking it might not have the wow factor. This figure stands at 14.5″ tall, talks, glows and makes sound effects. Every time we press the talk button on this figure, it makes our inner child smile great big. Disney includes the required 2 AAA batteries, so it’s ready the moment it arrives. This figure features fully articulation to allow for custom posing. It doesn’t have all the tailored cloth clothing as the Sideshow figure. The cape is vinyl, and the figure itself is plastic. But for the price, this is an impressive figure to hang out on your shelf. I feel like there is a movie reference here?

3. Hasbro Pulse Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader $79.99

Hasbro Pulse Hyperreal Darth Vader Action Figure

Third on our list is the Hasbro Pulse Hyperreal Darth Vader. It carries the moniker Hyperreal, which means this action figure received extra attention to detail. The cape and hip skirt are both fabric. Not as much fabric material as the Sideshow figure, but the price won’t break the bank. This figure also includes multiple hands so you can pose this figure in numerous poses. You can remove the lightsaber from the hilt for even more variations in how you choose to display the figure. This version also includes a stand that resembles the Cloud City metal flooring. It stands at 8″ tall and is a formidable addition to any collection.

Hasbro Pulse Black Series Carbonized Darth Vader $24.99

Hasbro Pulse Carbonized Darth Vader

Another Darth Vader figure worth mentioning is the Hasbro Black Series Carbonized Collection, but won’t be available until December 2020. This figure is also sixth-scale and includes a unique metallic finish. We discuss it further detail here if you want more information.

4. Funko Lights & Sound Darth Vader $16.99

Funko Pop! Star Wars Lights and Sound Darth Vader

Next, we have the Funko 135519 POP Bobble Darth Vader isn’t the most detailed on our list, but it might be the most fun. These figures are known for their unique, almost anime characteristics. And even I have to admit this looks somewhat like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs the Movie. But come on if this little Vader isn’t fun. It lights up and makes his iconic breathing sound. I have my two year old do this all the time except the light-up part. This figure isn’t the smallest on our list, but it’s on the smaller side of 6.25″ tall. But that’s normal for a Funko Pop figure.

5. Darth Vader’s Castle $129.99

Lego Star Wars 75251 Darth Vader's Castle

And lastly, we couldn’t have a list of Darth Vader figures without including something Lego. Unfortunately, there is only one Lego set at the time of this writing that consists of a Darth Vader Minifigure. And that’s the LEGO® Star Wars 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle set. The good news is this a pretty cool Lego set to add to your Lego collection. It does cost a little more than every other figure on this list except our number one. But, the playability for this figure is miles above the others on this list. You get four other Minifigures, a TIE Advanced Fighter, and Vader’s castle! You can play with this stand-alone or with different sets you own. Or you can display the whole thing on a shelf in your office. You get a lot with this collection, even if the figure itself isn’t the most detailed on our list.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any you think we should’ve included? Which one is your favorite?

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