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Where to buy the Carbonized Darth Vader Action Figure

Star Wars Black Series Carbonized Darth Vader Figure

I’ve been collecting various forms of Start Wars figures for as long as I can remember. And I blame my parents. When I was five years old, they bought me a large-scale Darth Vader figure with a lightsaber that glowed in the dark. It was awesome, and I still have it.

The Good

Hasbro released a new Carbonized Darth Vader version that has already pre-sold and sold-out on their website. The good news is you can still get it from Amazon through a new pre-order. Similar to the Han Solo in Carbonite action figure.

Star Wars Black Series Carbonized Dart Vader Packaging

The bad

Amazon has delayed the release of the 6″ Black Series Han Solo in Carbonite and Carbonized Darth Vader figures. The new release date is not until December 2020. But you can still get your pre-order in here if you are looking to add another version of Vader to your collection.

The new Carbonized design has nothing to do with the Han Solo Carbonite figure. I’m not sure why they are using similar terminology to release two figures that have nothing to do with the other. Regardless, they treated this Carbnzed Vader with a metallic finish.

Star Wars Black Series Carbonized Dart Vader Articulation

This figure is 6″ tall and considered premium articulation, which means there are multiple points at which you can pose the figure to your liking. Even though this figure has a premium finish and detailing, the price is only $24.99.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure I like the metallic finish. The photos show Vader’s armor with a blue tint, which takes away some of the realism for me. But, it’s not a bad price to obtain this figure and add it to your collection, if you don’t mind the wait.

If you can’t wait, there is also a Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader Figure for $79.99 with its bells and whistles. You can get it here.

What do you think of this version of the Carbonized Darth Vader action figure? Hit or miss?

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