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Where you can buy the new Marvel Legends 6″ Apocalypse

Marvel Legends Apocalypse Action Figure

Back in May, Hasbro announced through a live stream their new Marvel Legends Series action figures. One of those action figures that caught our eye and is somewhat of a favorite around here is the new Marvel Legends 6″ Apocalypse figure.

This action figure looks highly detailed and has the multiple standard points of articulation so you can pose, play, or display this figure in just about any stance you want.

Where to go get it

This figure is considered a deluxe figure and priced at the $29.99 price point that you’ll find on most of the Hasbro deluxe edition figures. Currently, through the Hasbro Pulse web store, there is a limit of 2 per customer. You can also find it on Amazon for the same price and has an expected delivery date of Oct. 1.

Marvel Legends 6" Apocalypse Accessories

You also get with this figure an alternate head, alternate hand, and skull accessories. You can never have enough skull accessories. Do you think Apocalypse sees these as accessories? If so, where do you think he gets them? Yard sales? No wait, he exterminates humanity and then has plenty.

Marvel Legends 6" Apocalypse Packaging

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this figure captures the look of Apocalypse. I’m looking forward to seeing this action figure up close. I’d guess I’d the only thing I wish is that this figure was taller and bigger overall. This post isn’t the first time I’ve expressed this opinion. I wish they made these characters larger as they appear in the comics.

I think they display better when they have a little more size. Especially the characters that deserve it. Thanos, The Blob, Juggernaut, and the recent Kingpin. These are figures that I would love to see larger than the other figures in this 6-inch scale.

What do you think of this new Marvel Legends 6″ Apocalypse action figure? Are you going to add to your collection? Let me know what you think in the comments below and let’s take the conversation further.

I also think they did. It has a relatively simple design that will look good on a shelf if you plan to keep it in the package.

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